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A luxury e-commerce platform that sells with the focus of building South African business that design and manufacture product locally. Partner with us – Sell your product on the LALALUXXE e-store today.

Partner with Us, Source and sell on the LALALUXXE platform.

A wholesale platform where Boutiques are able to source and sell South African
Brands in order to increase points of sale where South African design is available
while ensuring for an increase employment and economic growth.

Furthermore, LALALUXXE collaborates with SA Fashion week on a bi-annual campaign called Shop the Runway. Curb your fashion craving instantly.

The ‘Shop the Runway Campaign’ provides the opportunity for selected designer
items to be purchased on the night of the show. Imagine seeing a garment on a
model and knowing that you’ll have it in a short period of time after you saw it. Very
Similar to making an online sale – only just off the seasonal collection

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