Franc Ellis

Franc Ellis

Cameroonian-born third generation-trained fashion designer, Fabrice Moyo, is the director and founder of the Franc Elis brand launched in 2003.
Known for its sophisticated, well-tailored garments and its shirting, Franc Elis’s Johannesburg retail presence includes a store in Lonehill Shopping Centre and an up-coming outlet in Fourways.
“I am inspired by the dress code of the European elite coloniser in Francophone Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. My signature explores how this dress code influenced African fashion – essentially the impact of colonialization on our sartorial heritage,” Fabrice explains.

Due to the pandemic, they have seen that people have been forced to become localvists. Due to imports being put to a halt, consumers have had to rely on buying locally sourced, made and/or grown products to have some sort of normalcy in their shopping experience, clothing included. This is by asking their friends who have always been, to some level, localvists or by searching for local stores and designers to sort out the clothing needs. Even though most people were at home, there was still a need to be comfortable yet fashionable during Zoom meetings and while working at home. From there, the Homenista was born. A fashionista locked behind closed doors for their own safety but maintaining their chic looks that they would previously wander the world in. Through this, people have seen that there are local brands that can work for their wardrobe and in this the forced localvists have removed the “forced” in that title and are now just localvists. With this collection they are working on clothes that can work for both those who have gone back to their offices and the Homenistas, instilling the idea that being a localvist is something that should be carried beyond the pandemic. That by supporting the local fashion industry, it only makes it better for us to be able to provide stylish garments that South Africans can be proud to wear. With this, they are incorporating discreet inperfections into the garments. Taking away the looks of perfection expected from garments, shying away from the rules of how a garment should be constructed but still making it wearable for the localvist.

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